The Leading Ad Exchange Supporting Cannabis & Hemp.

The first independent OpenRTB 2.5 compatible exchange bridging the gap between sophisticated buyers and unrestricted cannabis-friendly inventory.

By the numbers.

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Bid requests per month
US uniques per month
Direct US pageviews

Buy-Side Solutions

Scaling advertising spend for DSPs.

Find more customers for your clients and help grow their business by tapping into the largest adtech ecosystem of its kind.

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Predictable Supply
MANTIS has access to hundreds of publications through direct relationships and thousands more through SSP integrations.
Delegate Compliance
Reduce the burden of following industry regulations by relying on MANTIS to approve all creatives.
Viewability Metrics
All bid requests come with additional metadata such as viewability scores for real-time optimization.

Supply-Side Solutions

Increasing revenue for SSPs.

Work with MANTIS to earn more money for the properties you manage by accessing new, premium demand.

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Higher Payouts For Pubs
We implement price floors and ensure advertisers pay fair rates in order to support MANTIS’ independent ecosystem.
Payment Security
Ad spend is prepaid with no default risk and publisher / network payouts occur at the beginning of each month.
Premium Ad Inventory
Campaigns are approved by our internal review team to ensure creative and landing page quality. Say goodbye to malware or malicious advertising.

Partner with MANTIS.

Support a growing and underrepresented industry of responsibly run businesses.

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