A well-thought-out Halloween-themed marketing strategy can help increase your brand’s revenue while still retaining customers by improving relationships.

It is important to prepare ahead of time for Halloween or any holiday campaign to take advantage of the opportunity and ensure that effective strategies are applied.

5 easy ways to attract more customers this Halloween:

1. Include Halloween-themed imagery in your ads. Think ghosts 👻, bats 🦇, pumpkins 🎃, spider webs 🕸, and other relevant images.

2. Use special Halloween-themed discounts for customers to take advantage of during the month of October (e.g., 10% off using code SPOOKY10).

3. Make holiday-themed hashtags and invite consumers to share their photos, videos, and success stories with them.

4. Build a custom Halloween-themed landing page for all details related to your seasonal deals, including promotional emails, advertisements, and social media updates.

5. Start your sales early, before the holiday rush. This will also make managing and fulfilling orders simpler before the holiday rush!

Supported ad units

For quick reference, here are the various display ad units to use for your upcoming holiday campaigns:

  • 300x250px – Medium Rectangle
  • 728x90px – Leaderboard
  • 300x600px – Half Page
  • 320x50px – Smartphone Static Wide
  • 160x600px – Wide Skyscraper
  • 970x250px – Billboard
  • 970x90px – Super Leaderboard

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