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MANTIS Update: 250+ Publishing Partners and Counting
MANTIS just hit a BIG milestone -- 250+ websites big. Yep, you are reading that correctly... more than 250 websites, including some of the largest and most influential websites and social media accounts in the niche, are now working together to offer quality digital marketing solutions within t
Attention Advertisers: Real Time Bidding is LIVE!
Introducing Real Time Bidding (RTB) We receive a lot of questions from our advertising partners on a daily basis. A majority of these questions are related to minimizing ad spend while maximizing visibility and conversions -- the goal of every successful campaign manager. "How do I speed up
Weekly Update: New UI Improvements To Kick Off The New Year
Thank you to everyone who has provided suggestions on how to improve MANTIS over the past few months. Your feedback has been put to good use in our latest software update (v3), which officially went live this morning. Essentially, the admin area for both advertisers and publishers just got a
Quick Quiz: Can You Identify These Logos?
Brand recognition is everything for many companies — especially those with consumer-facing brands. A good logo is instantly recognized; it should be creative and unique to be remembered by people. People typically recall patterns, designs, and shapes that they see twice, whereas their eyes tend
MANTIS Announces Publishing Partnership with Grasscity
MANTIS Announces Publishing Partnership with Grasscity Deal Expands Network Reach With More Quality Ad Real Estate LOS ANGELES, Oct 1, 2015 — MANTIS, the largest cannabis-friendly ad network, and Grasscity, a leading digital community for marijuana culture and cultivation, announced that a
Marijuana Marketing 101: Measuring Offline vs. Online ROI
The purpose of this blog post is not to suggest that you should stop attending trade shows and business expos — particularly if attendance yields a positive ROI for your company. Instead, I challenge you to really look at the numbers. Do you really know what the cost of acquiring a new lead at a t
MANTIS® Welcomes The Elephant Journal To Its Network
LOS ANGELES, August 5, 2015 -- Elephant Journal, the world's largest mindfulness site with over 12 million monthly page views and 1.5 million facebook fans, has officially partnered with MANTIS® to provide companies with quality advertising real estate on its website. With over 68% of its read
Say Hello To MANTIS’ Newest Publishing Partners
With over 140 publishing partners and 7 million monthly readers, MANTIS® continues its rapid growth, solidifying itself as the leading cannabis ad network. Since MANTIS' inception nearly one year ago, our mission as a company has never changed. Our team has always been (and always will be) d
Introducing Dynamic Pricing, Account Balances, and More!
Today we introduce new changes in our platform to help improve user reach as well as return on investment to our advertisers. To build a network like MANTIS® we have to constantly rely on feedback from our network members as well as performance data gathered over time. Our team began to roll o
MANTIS® Shares Marketing Tips For Canna-Businesses With
In this interview with Paris Holley, co-founder of the MANTIS Ad Network, you’ll learn exactly how cannabis-based businesses can advertise their products and/or services online to increase their sales and generate more quality leads. Paris gives specific expert suggestions anybody can use to get
Introducing Enhanced Fraud Protection with Forensiq
As an ad network that looks to serve the best interests of both our advertisers and publishers, fighting fraud is high on our priority list. Since we launched early last year, our team has worked diligently to enhance the MANTIS platform to combat any fraudulent activity that would impact an advert
new pricing
MANTIS Introduces New Pricing Tiers
Unique Campaign Pricing For All Types of Advertisements Since launching MANTIS earlier this summer, we've had the opportunity to help facilitate and launch over 80 online ad campaigns for companies across the cannabis industry. We've been able to learn more about the needs of our advertisers and
content recommendation engine
MANTIS Launches Native Advertising Platform
Content Recommendation Engine (BETA) When MANTIS™ launched earlier this year, we knew that display advertising was just the start for us. Today we are proud to announce our newest addition and first step into native advertising with the launch of our new content recommendation engine. Over the
halloween special
Halloween Special: Double Your Clicks This Week Only
HAPPY HALLOWEEN As you may or may not know, the MANTIS team has been working tirelessly to expand the network.  In just six months, we've added over 50 industry-leading publishers that collectively reach over 20 million readers each and every month. Being our first Halloween as a team, we wanted
non profit
MANTIS Supports Non-Profits With Free Advertising
Giving Back Is A Cornerstone For The Industry The fight against marijuana prohibition goes back decades thanks to the courage of activists all across the country who sacrificed their careers, relationships and in many cases, their freedom. We can only give thanks to those who came before us and bu
MANTIS Now Supports Native Mobile Applications
Empowering Cannabis Technology One Step at a Time This year has been an incredible journey not only for us, but for technology in the cannabis industry. More and more startups are coming onboard to fill in the gaps left by an unregulated (and underground) industry with a lack of standards and bes
MANTIS Grows To Over 20 Publishers In 90 Days
With over 20 publishers in the MANTIS family, our ad network now totals over 800,000 unique readers each month and continues to grow quickly. Our team has been working non-stop to bring together different organizations in the industry and it is exciting to see the growth so far. It was around this
MANTIS Launches Affiliate Gateway Beta
The last month has been a hectic time for our team, between event preparation and networking, we've had little time to slow down. That's why we feel it's important that we take a few minutes to share some of the progress we have been making on some new and exciting tools for MANTIS publishers.  
keyword targeting
MANTIS Introduces Keyword and Demographic Targeting
Phase Two: A Smarter Platform As more advertisers and publishers come on board, we get to learn a little more about our visitors and the ads that work well. It is important that our network provides the same level of service and capabilities that can be found at other big players in the ad industry
tech update
MANTIS Continues To Expand Its Network Functionality, Features
New Things To Look For From MANTIS Our team prides itself for our agility and response to data in our network. As such, we want to share some of the changes that have been rolled out this week and what to expect in the near term. We appreciate feedback from all of our network partners and hope to
mantis partners
MANTIS Adds New, Key Publishing Partners To Its Online Ad Network
Say Hello To Our Newest Publishing Partners As a new start-up, nothing excites us more than proving our day-to-day work is making a big difference. It is clear to us now; there truly IS a need for a professional, trustworthy ad network to cater to developing, "high-risk" industries. In the p
beta is live
Publisher Rollout: Phase one of BETA
Introducing, the MANTIS Ad Network When we started MANTIS a few months ago, we knew we were on to something big but the response we have gotten from advertisers and publishers has been outstanding! Our small team has balanced building out our infrastructure alongside working with our members to b
medical jane and mantis
MANTIS Makes Its Debut On
Summarized from LA-Based Technology Start-up Offers Dedicated CPC Ad Network For The Developing Cannabis Industry What are the options for someone looking to promote their brand/service/product? Most businesses have the option of taking their marketing dollars anywhere they want,
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