Digital Marketing Made Simple

Display Advertising Solutions

MANTIS® influences the largest audience in the niche. Our unique ad software makes marketing your brand easy and affordable. Run a digital ad campaign that spans across hundreds of websites today.

Display Advertising

Grow your business and get more customers with eye-catching, cost-effective display advertising campaigns.


Content Marketing

Take the opportunity to educate your audience while also up-selling your company's products and services.


Cross-Platform Marketing

MANTIS® has access to some of the best impressions on mobile, text, video and the web. No high-risk, low quality inventory here. Only the best – and lots of it. Campaigns are billed at a cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-1000-views (CPM).

Reach The Right Audience

The segmenting options in MANTIS® help you deliver a more relevant message when advertising online. Choose from a variety of targeting options including geolocation, time of day, browser type, OS, keywords, and more.

Track Campaign Performance

With MANTIS®, managing your advertising campaigns across multiple sites is a breeze. We provide you with the tools you need to make effective marketing decisions, boost CTR%, and track conversions.

Advertise your product or service across 350+ websites including...
Put Your Brand in Front of 20+ Million Monthly Readers