MANTIS Continues To Expand Its Network Functionality, Features

on June 12, 2014

New Things To Look For From MANTIS

Our team prides itself for our agility and response to data in our network. As such, we want to share some of the changes that have been rolled out this week and what to expect in the near term. We appreciate feedback from all of our network partners and hope to improve our services more and more each week.

More Ad Sizes

On the request of many publishers, we have expanded our supported IAB creative sizes to include both Half Page (300×600) and Wide Skyscaper (160×600) formats. We do our best to gather creatives from our advertisers and at times create images on their behalf to fill the gap. If you are a publisher on the network and wish to see more options, please let us know!

Multi-Size Zones

What we have learned working with many advertisers is often they do not have the creative ad sizes needed to reach the full audience potential across our network. To work around this, we have provided publishers with a way to serve multiple creative sizes within a single zone and prioritize the order in which they appear. This not only expands the number of campaigns that can be served when creating zone groups, but allows the publisher to fall back to less catchy or smaller sizes if the larger ones aren’t available.

Here is an example of how multi-site zones can impact ad serving:

Click Confirmation

In the mobile advertisement world, there is a phenomenon amongst phone users called “fat finger” clicks. In essence, users are more prone to accidentally click advertisements while they are scrolling through a website or otherwise interacting with a website than their desktop counterparts. Some reports show that as many as 50% of mobile clicks happen by accident and can be a cause of reporting discrepancy between ad networks and advertisers as users typically hit the back button prior to loading the advertiser page.

The MANTIS Solution

Our approach to solving this problem is a combination of behavior and performance analysis as well as looking at how other industry leaders tackle this issue. Though we intend to expand this solution in the future, here is our current implementation behavior:

  • Based on user data gathered on our network, we have determined on average how long it takes visitors to click an ad once it has been shown. Using this information, if we detect the user attempting to interact with an ad too soon on desktop, we will ask them to confirm their choice before proceeding to the advertiser’s website.
  • If the user is on a mobile device, we ALWAYS ask them to confirm their selection.

Here is an example of what that the new “confirm click” looks like on our network:


We hope this change will give more confidence to our advertisers and ultimately improve their conversions with quality traffic.

We Absolutely Love Feedback

When we tell people we meet that our goal is to be the friendliest (and most innovative) ad network, we mean it. In order to stay true to that motto, we invite everyone to let us know what you do or don’t like about our platform. Our team built MANTIS™ to represent the values and technology we wanted to see in a network and hope that our members can be a part of that vision and make it grow.

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