MANTIS® Welcomes The Elephant Journal To Its Network

on August 5, 2015

LOS ANGELES, August 5, 2015 — Elephant Journal, the world’s largest mindfulness site with over 12 million monthly page views and 1.5 million facebook fans, has officially partnered with MANTIS® to provide companies with quality advertising real estate on its website. With over 68% of its readers being women and an average age of 32, the Elephant Journal offers a unique demographic that is highly sought-out.

About the Elephant Journal

elephant journalElephant Journal as a publication has been around for 11 years. The company got its start as a print magazine, but after going national in Whole Foods and other large distributors, they wanted to move towards a more “green approach.” So, they went online and haven’t looked back. Today the Elephant Journal website acts as a guide to what they like to call ‘the mindful life’: organics, sustainability, genuine spirituality, fair fashion, the contemplative arts, etc… anything that helps people to live a good life that also happens to be good for others, and the planet.

“We’re still independently owned, so our editorial department is fully independent. One of our heroes, Lester Brown, told me that the key to saving the world would be media. Education. Communication. He told me that seven years ago, and said we had very little time, then.” – Waylon Lewis

Elephant Journal primarily consists of unique content that promotes a healthy lifestyle. This includes a wide range of articles on topics such as yoga, meditation, green, wellness, adventure, love, and conscious consumerism.

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Advertising on the Elephant Journal

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