MANTIS Now Supports Native Mobile Applications

on September 4, 2014

Empowering Cannabis Technology One Step at a Time

This year has been an incredible journey not only for us, but for technology in the cannabis industry. More and more startups are coming onboard to fill in the gaps left by an unregulated (and underground) industry with a lack of standards and best practices. Many of those startups (including but not limited to) MassRoots, Eaze and Canary look to mobile as a way to innovate and revolutionize a growing marketplace.

A large struggle for most mobile-focused startups in the cannabis industry is the lack of advertising options they have to generate revenue from their app’s traffic. Large companies like Facebook, Google and Twitter are not friendly to marijuana focused companies so this seems like a natural extension to our platform.

Our Mobile Approach

To start, we are extending our existing mobile support from the web to show the same creatives to properties on mobile. Existing advertisers who include mobile as part of their campaign strategy will benefit from the reach in audience at no additional cost or effort.

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We’ve been talking with various mobile application developers and hope to see some integration into our platform over the next coming weeks. Millions of downloads have been tracked for marijuana focused applications and there is a large potential for growth as the legal hurdles are overcome and startups can operate more freely.

Leveraging AdMob


Many development teams we spoke with not only expressed an interest in our platform but the ability to leverage technologies they were already familiar with. Though we are open to customized integrations or alternative implementations in the future, AdMob was a great way to get started. With support for both iOS and Android, we are able to provide simple drop-in support with very little configuration. If you have special needs for your mobile application, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate!

The Future

What you see here is just a small start to what we have planned. Advertisers are looking for more ways to not only reach a wider audience but market to them in new and innovative ways. Though we only support image advertising at the moment, mobile is a great platform for a more interactive experience and supporting rich media will be an important goal for us in the long-term.

Getting Started

All source code and examples for integrating into our network can be found in our public Github repositories. We encourage the community to give us feedback on these libraries, request additional features or even submit pull requests to improve what is there.


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