MANTIS Launches Native Advertising Platform

on November 6, 2014

Content Recommendation Engine (BETA)

When MANTIS™ launched earlier this year, we knew that display advertising was just the start for us. Today we are proud to announce our newest addition and first step into native advertising with the launch of our new content recommendation engine.

Over the last 6 months we have continued to collect data to help advertisers better target their campaigns by matching keywords to relevant content on our network. We are now able to tap into that same processing power to allow advertisers to market content more strategically compared to display advertising.

Content Marketers

Interested in a different way to advertise online? Here is what you get by launching a content campaign on MANTIS™.

  • Ability to promote press releases, blogs or other content driven initiatives across participating websites on our network.
  • Synchronize your campaign with other media efforts (such as sponsored content, press releases, etc) through high priority placement.
  • Leverage the same targeting capabilities as display advertising: Location/Keyword/Demographic Targeting

Submit your big news/announcement to be featured as sponsored content across the network. Market your content today.


Content Publishers

All publishers with websites that are content driven will have access to this new system. Our existing members can find the code to implement in their administration panel (as well as options in settings to tweak, if their property has been approved).

Here are some benefits to publishers who implement our recommendation widget:

  • Present users with a relevant list of content from your website to encourage additional browsing.
  • Gain additional traffic by linking to other publishers on our network (link exchange program).
  • Earn revenue through sponsored content/recommendations from our advertising partners.
  • Ability to integrate with an API (such as in a mobile application or in search).

Our platform is still in its early stages and will improve as we gain feedback from both publishers and advertisers. We are excited about this BETA launch and hope to release even more functionality in the coming months.

Start earning revenue through sponsored content/recommendations from our advertising partners. Apply to become a content publisher today.


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