MANTIS Introduces Keyword and Demographic Targeting

on June 23, 2014

Phase Two: A Smarter Platform

As more advertisers and publishers come on board, we get to learn a little more about our visitors and the ads that work well. It is important that our network provides the same level of service and capabilities that can be found at other big players in the ad industry. This week we have released the next stage of our platform which will empower our advertisers to get more value out of their marketing dollars.

Content Analysis Engine (Mantodea)

In preparation for supporting a smarter network, understanding the content provided by our publishers is key to our future strategy. Because our team (and partners) have in-depth knowledge of the industries supported by MANTIS, we are able to analyze content in a way that other networks in the industry cannot.  This engine is what will feed the future of our platform and is in use by the new capabilities outlined below. (FYI: Pronounced man-toe-deeya, Mantodea is the scientific name given to the order of insects that the mantis belongs to).

Content-Aware Keyword Targeting

Most ad networks (especially those driven by search) rely heavily on keyword targeting, so it is only natural that we provide the same value to our advertisers. By leveraging the knowledge of the Mantodea engine, we are able to determine the focus of content on our network and match them with the most relevant ads.

We have been testing keyword targeting the last few days and have fully enabled it across our existing campaigns. Since that time, we have seen a tremendous change in CTR (click-through-rating) performance ranging from 50% to over 200% depending on the keyword and campaign. Above is a snapshot that compares keyword performance to non-matching serves. Though it may be too early to say for sure (this data represents 12-16 hours of activity), it is a great indication of things to come.


Keyword targeting is currently enabled and available AT NO COST to all advertisers on our network. Over the next few weeks we will continue to improve our matching algorithms to ensure optimal performance in preparation for our transition to a name-your-own price RTB (Real Time Bidding) model.  In the mean time, enjoy the extra functionality and provide any feedback that you have.

Demographic Segmentation

Not only do you want to ensure your campaign is served when most relevant, but  you should only invest in visitors who are most likely to buy. Because our network consists of over 15+ publishers, we have the data to identify which demographics a visitor is most likely to identify with. Using this knowledge, an advertiser can target customers more accurately by designing a campaign based on variables such as age, gender, income or education (with more to follow in the future).

A list of targetable demographics for our advertisers and how they breakdown with our traffic.


While we learn more about the impact of demographic targeting on our network, the feature will be INCLUDED with our targeting options (10% fee) at NO ADDITIONAL cost. If you have an existing campaign but have not enabled targeting options, please follow up with us and we’d be happy to transfer your campaign over.

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