The MANTIS Ad Network Now Reaches Over 1.2 Million People Per Month In The Cannabis Industry

on September 15, 2014

With over 30 publishers now onboard, MANTIS is proud to announce our 1,200,000+ unique users per month milestone has been achieved quicker than expected.

It was just over a month ago when we announced our march to 800,000+ monthly users and since then the numbers have been climbing steadily across the network. We have come a long ways since our launch in May, but we’ve only begun to touch on the possibilities of having such a large audience. Stats aside, we can’t thank our publishing partners enough for being extremely supportive as we develop the world’s largest ad network for everything cannabis.

As a bootstrapping startup (particularly in the marketing space), getting off the ground is the toughest challenge. The chicken and egg dilemma comes into play. It certainly hasn’t been easy, but the camaraderie and understanding that this is a team/industry effort is heart felt. We’ve been in talks with some big names and members of more traditional media organizations and the willingness to participate and help our industry grow is truly motivating. It’s just a matter of time until cannabis marketing goes main stream, and we plan on helping lead that revolution.

Multi-Channel Advertising

Though MANTIS has started off primarily as a display/banner advertising network for websites, our roadmap has always been focused on expanding and reaching audiences across as many channels as possible. As more and more quality publishers come into the fold, we get to learn a little more about the offerings of each organization and how MANTIS can help increase earning potential. Having said that, look for audio/video, e-mail marketing and print advertising options in the near future.

multi channel advertising

Mobile Advertising

We reached out to many application developers and a common theme throughout our discussions was the lack of relevant advertising on AdMob and other networks (though AdMob/Google Ads were their primary display partner). A great feature of the AdMob network is the ability to delegate advertising to third-party networks (such as MANTIS), so we put together a mediation library that can be plugged into to any mobile application leveraging the latest AdMob SDK. In other words, MANTIS now supports native mobile applications. Learn more here.

Our Goals For The Rest Of September

Our team will be flooded with various projects over the next few weeks so it is hard to say what is next on the roadmap. Earlier this week we launched our initiative to support free advertising for non-profits in the cannabis industry and look to roll our affiliate gateway out of beta to all publishers on our network.

New Publishers On The MANTIS Ad Network


420 Singles ( is a marijuana friendly dating for singles who enjoy the freedom and benefits of cannabis and/or support it’s legalization.



Hemp American Media Group (

Hemp American Media Group operates high-traffic marijuana-related website businesses which provide services and products to an audience that reaches into the millions annually.



420 Careers ( is a marijuana industry job board website where businesses can post available jobs and browse job-seekers’ resumes all for free.



Daily Joint ( is the web’s pinnacle news and entertainment portal featuring all things cannabis.




Can.MD (

Can.MD – Canada’s Marijuana Database – is a Toronto-based website that provides information, photos, and reviews of medical marijuana strains sold by licensed Canadian producers.



Wheres Weed (

Where’s Weed is an online community where medical and recreational users can connect and help one another by leaving reviews and finding businesses in their area.


vapor review blog

Vapor Review Blog (

Vapor review blog is a trusted online resource for objective reviews on vaporizer devices used to consume cannabis products.

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