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on March 5, 2014

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LA-Based Technology Start-up Offers Dedicated CPC Ad Network For The Developing Cannabis Industry

What are the options for someone looking to promote their brand/service/product? Most businesses have the option of taking their marketing dollars anywhere they want, however this is simply not a luxury that has been afforded to businesses in the cannabis industry. As is the case with banking, a number of common third-party marketing solutions (ex. AdSense, Facebook, PR Web, etc.) are hesitant to operate with companies tied to the cannabis industry.

traditional advertisingThe big guys typically won’t allow products that are related to any product or service that promotes an illegal substance (including e-cigs, vaporizers, dispensaries, medical info, etc). It was this realization that lead our team to set out to create a new advertising and publishing platform that would cater to the developing cannabis industry.

By teaming up with top-tier websites, the MANTIS ad network provides advertisers a widespread, yet targeted audience with very little effort involved on their end. Once approved into the MANTIS Ad Network, advertisers can easily set up campaigns and get started once those campaigns are confirmed by a MANTIS account representative.

In a nutshell, MANTIS allows cannabis-related businesses to advertise with a diverse portfolio of publishers (websites) to reach their desired audience. Further, it will include features that can help build a presence on social media and market your brand directly to consumers through various channels.

According to Matthew Price, founder/CEO of Medical Jane and CEO of the MANTIS Ad Network, “there are a lot of like-minded entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry that are looking for ways to monetize their website(s). The MANTIS Ad Network gives site owners the ability to make money with a few just a few clicks, all while making it easy to manage what types of ads are displayed to their viewers – for quality control.”

He goes on to say, “We guarantee a CPC rate with our publishers, so they get paid for every click they generate through their network. We built this functionality for Medical Jane originally, but I think this will help push the entire cannabis industry forward quicker, by making the service available to all interested parties.”

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