Attention Advertisers: Real Time Bidding is LIVE!

on January 26, 2016

Introducing Real Time Bidding (RTB)

We receive a lot of questions from our advertising partners on a daily basis. A majority of these questions are related to minimizing ad spend while maximizing visibility and conversions — the goal of every successful campaign manager.

How do I speed up the pace of my campaign?… What do I have to pay to get more clicks/impressions per day?… and… Is there anything I can do to ensure my ads show the first time someone loads a page?”… are just some of the questions that we hope our new bidding system will help answer.

So How Does Real Time Bidding Work?

Real time bidding eliminates broad placement of ads and systemically allows each ad to be presented with intent behind it, based on available data to the buyer.

All campaigns that display on MANTIS use a dynamic pricing model. When your ads are available to display, MANTIS will compare the price you are willing to pay with other advertisers on the network with similar targeting requirements. If no other campaigns are competing for the same audience, you pay the lowest price possible for that placement. However, if multiple advertisers are bidding for that placement, then the campaigns are prioritized by the highest bid price.

You can increase the chance of having your ads load first in the network’s rotation by increasing your bid price until you have high priority rotation (vs. low priority). Generally speaking… the more green boxes you see on the bidding tab in your control panel, the quicker your campaign’s pace will be (at that time). Here is a screenshot of what this area looks like in your admin dashboard when bidding is enabled:


Tracking Your Campaign’s Performance

Once an advertiser submits a maximum bid price for each rotation (CPC and CPM available), they should check back periodically to view a breakdown of the campaign’s performance and make any necessary changes to increase its visibility speed up its pace. We provide a helpful performance tab so you can quickly compare your campaign statistics against the network average to get a sense of what you need to spend to outbid the competition.


To view your bid performance, simply log in to MANTIS and click on the campaign you would like to manage. On the “Performance” tab, you’ll find a helpful chart that outlines how your campaign performed at a network level (compared to other campaigns), as well as how to improve your chances at winning future bids. Use the data provided by MANTIS to make strategic changes to your targeting requirements, bid price, and campaign artwork.

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