Introducing Enhanced Fraud Protection with Forensiq

on February 26, 2015

As an ad network that looks to serve the best interests of both our advertisers and publishers, fighting fraud is high on our priority list. Since we launched early last year, our team has worked diligently to enhance the MANTIS platform to combat any fraudulent activity that would impact an advertiser’s ROI. After all, it is extremely important that our clients have confidence in our network, as well as our publishing partners.

Two recent studies found that over 50% of website activity was attributed to non-human traffic and nearly 56% of all ads served on a page are not even seen. When a network as large as Google still struggles with optimizing advertising placement, it becomes clear that an “in-house only solution” to combat fraud will not suffice.

Over the last few weeks we have been working with Forensiq, an award winning service that monitors over a billion ad impressions each day online. Our preliminary findings showed that less than 3% of traffic across our entire network had been flagged as high risk. In addition, every click and impression is now double verified to be safe. With two systems for fraud detection in place, you can be rest assured your campaigns are getting in front of the right people.

This enhanced protection is provided at no extra cost to our advertisers and is part of our commitment to offering a better platform to our clients. As we look to enhance our offering and provide more cost-per-impression (CPM) based opportunities, having an accurate and trusted view-ability solution will be critical to the growth of the MANTIS as network.

Feel good knowing your ad dollars are not being wasted on fraudulent views. Support our network and reach millions of interested readers by starting a new, targeted display banner advertising campaign and/or sponsored content marketing campaign today!

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