Introducing Dynamic Pricing, Account Balances, and More!

on July 14, 2015

Today we introduce new changes in our platform to help improve user reach as well as return on investment to our advertisers. To build a network like MANTIS® we have to constantly rely on feedback from our network members as well as performance data gathered over time.

Our team began to roll out our first implementation of a CPM-based sales model across the network in early April. However, after combining the feedback from our advertisers and publishers with our own observations, we are quickly moving closer to a much more refined process that includes dynamic pricing, account balances, and more.

New Dynamic Pricing Model

Previously, we charged a single flat rate per click (CPC) or impression (CPM) across our entire network. After working with many different companies and campaigns over the last year, we quickly realized how much of a difference the placement made as it relates to creative performance and ROI.

Thus, to ensure advertisers are getting the maximum value for their spend, we will begin pricing our ad inventory based on multiple criteria, such as:

  • User Device Type (Mobile vs Desktop)
  • Publisher Relevancy
  • Traffic Quality

Our current rates are not changing as of now and represent a “maximum price” using this method. Certain traffic (such as mobile) will be provided at a discount to reflect the value of the traffic and typical conversions seen from our clients. Moving forward all new advertisers that are brought on to the platform will participate in this new dynamic pricing model. Start advertising to see our new dynamic pricing in action.

The Difference Between CPC and CPM Ads

When we first launched our CPM pricing model, we were unsure as to how much of an impact it would make on our network. Currently, not all of our inventory is made available on a CPM basis. This is done to ensure that advertisers on high-priority rotation (any CPM campaign) are paying for impressions in locations that have a proven track record of quality performance and maximum visibility. The downside to that approach, is it potentially limits the number of websites your campaign will be seen on.

Moving forward, all campaigns will come with CPC enabled by default with the option to include CPM rotation for an additional cost. Here is a breakdown of how it works:

  1. If a webpage supports serving creatives on a CPM basis, your campaign will be prioritized ahead of all CPC campaigns and displayed first.
  2. If the webpage does not support CPM, then your campaign will be served on a CPC basis (excluding rich-media creatives without click tracking).

The CPM option is intended for use by advertisers who want to reach users faster, in the most visible inventory.  If you ran a CPM-only campaign with MANTIS in the past, and you had concerns about reaching the maximum number of websites possible, this new dynamic pricing model will work well for you.

Account Balances

To support our new pricing, MANTIS is transitioning to an account balance system instead of managing spend per campaign. Doing so allows advertisers to launch multiple campaigns (without a minimum commitment for each one) while using a central pool of money to draw from and make deposits into. This not only makes life easier for you to try out our many different platforms, but it gives you the freedom to re-allocate your ad spend on-the-go, as you see more and more data points.

Existing Ad Campaigns

Over the next few days, we will begin slowly shifting all active advertisers and campaigns to our new dynamic pricing and account balance system. Once you are logged in, if you see a “Balance” amount now listed next to your name, then you have already been transitioned over. If we missed you or you have a non-active account and would like to take advantage of the new system, please contact us and we will be happy to move it over for you.


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