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The world’s largest direct advertising marketplace for cannabis-friendly inventory.

Offering people-based advertising, viewable buying, and fee transparency, the MANTIS Direct Advertising Marketplace finally brings the functional advantages of advertising on first-party social platforms to the open internet.

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Browse the best offers from each publication.

MANTIS aggregates the top advertising outlets in a single platform for you to quickly browse, compare, and purchase direct advertising offers.

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Increase Your Margins
Avoid paying the "ad-tech tax" (normally up to 45%) of the typical supply chain by working directly with the publishers you love.
All-in-One Ecosystem
We provide you with the same real-time reporting and self-service advertising capabilities without the hassle of going direct manually.
More Advertising Channels
Access unique marketing channels not available via our automated buying platform such as social media and sponsored content.

For Publishers

Sell and manage direct ad inventory.

Don’t worry about our buy-side platform syphoning your direct sales. MANTIS compliments your internal efforts.

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Earn More Ad Revenue
Let us do the heavy lifting and act as an extension to your sales team. We'll help you upsell your distinct offers, collect assets, and take on the burden of payment collection.
Powerful Ad Server
Have an internal sales team? Use our self-service platform to mix your in-house campaigns with our demand in one seamless interface.
Only Quality Advertisers
All Advertisers are vetted by MANTIS and agree to abide by our network’s ad policies, guaranteeing quality ad inventory on your site.

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