Quick Quiz: Can You Identify These Logos?

on October 11, 2015

Brand recognition is everything for many companies — especially those with consumer-facing brands. A good logo is instantly recognized; it should be creative and unique to be remembered by people. People typically recall patterns, designs, and shapes that they see twice, whereas their eyes tend to pass right over written matter.

The ability to capture your audience’s attention enough to have people memorize your logo’s identity at first-glance is a rare but powerful marketing tool. Sure… building brand awareness is expensive and an ongoing process, but the rewards of implanting the image of your company in the minds of your customers can be substantial.

The more times a potential customer sees your company’s logo, the more familiar and comfortable he/she will begin to be with your company. Their association with your company’s logo and culture speeds up their buying process by removing a majority of the introductory sales pitch. Additionally, a well-recognized logo can increase your company’s goodwill, and is trademarked for intellectual property protection, boosting your company’s overall valuation.

The power of brand recognition

Some companies in the industry have already implemented successful branding initiatives (whether that be through digital, print, events, etc.) that make their logos easily identifiable to the masses. Below we put together a visual of twenty companies that we think you may be familiar with.

See how many of the following brands you can identify simply by their logo; some brands are definitely easier to recognize than others (#20 is a freebie).

company logos


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