Reach Cannabis Enthusiasts on Non-Endemic Websites.

Extend campaigns onto third-party sites and allow advertisers to find your audience across the web.

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How Audience Extension works.

Users visit your website
We create a custom audience segment from your website visitors
Earn money every time an ad is shown to one of these users on the web

A True Win-Win.

Audience extension leads to higher conversion rates for the advertiser and more revenue for the publisher.

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Publisher Benefits

Earn additional revenue without having to show ads.

Make money for your unique audience without having to show a single banner ad and risk disrupting user experience on your website.

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For Cannabis Publications
Our advertising partners want to reach cannabis-friendly audiences. Work with us to earn more money than you do today.
Quick Implementation
Easy to do yourself. Get started with Audience Extension in a matter of minutes via a self-service dashboard.
No Payment Risk
Unlike other networks, ad spend is prepaid with no default risk and payouts occur at the beginning of each month.

More Flexibility

Absolutely no direct revenue risk.

Rest assured MANTIS ensures advertisers balance their spend between your direct inventory and third-party websites.

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Extend your audience.

Grow your property's endemic reach with Audience Extension by MANTIS.

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