Better Analytics for Endemic Brands.

MANTIS monitors the largest pool of behavioral data from cannabis enthusiasts across online and offline data sources. Tap into this audience data for smarter ads.

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Standard Display Ad + Consumption Data + Purchase Insights + Audience Data Ad by MANTIS

Consumer insights at your fingertips.

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Demographic Insight
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Advertising Recommendations
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Online to Offline
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Customer Journey

Who are your buyers and visitors?

Our unique blend of proprietary first-party and third-party data gives your business the insights required for you to develop a successful marketing strategy.

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Where should you spend money?

Turn your digital purchase data into optimized targeting options to help direct your ad spend in the most efficient way possible.

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How should you reach retail customers?

We combine online and offline data to provide our advertising partners a clearer picture of what the average cannabis and hemp consumers look like.

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What is really driving conversions?

Work with MANTIS to understand the "why" and determine which specific factors are ultimately leading users to buy your product or service.

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Brand Insights

A more complete picture for brands.

Go beyond clicks and impressions... with MANTIS, you’ll learn what specific factors are impacting the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns.

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Consumption Trends
See what your potential and current customers are looking at and talking about when they browse their favorite websites.
Purchase Insights
Learn more about what people are buying at different price points and improve your product launch with an effective pricing strategy.
Audience Demographics
Figure out who is buying online and why it’s working. Work with us to create look-a-like audiences to target these buyers at scale.

Advertise with MANTIS.

Launch more strategic ads that are designed to convert using our exclusive data sets.

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