MANTIS Update: 250+ Publishing Partners and Counting

on April 18, 2016

MANTIS now consists of more than 250 niche websites!

MANTIS’ exclusive publishing network includes some of the largest and most influential websites and social media accounts in the niche. Formed in early 2014 to combat the restrictive ad policies of Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, etc., the MANTIS ad platform has seen incredible growth since its inception and shows no signs of slowing down. 

As a network, MANTIS now collectively serves 130 million ad impressions each month to more 12 million unique readers across 175+ different countries. 

Below you’ll find a list of some of the fantastic websites that have recently been accepted as publishers on the MANTIS ad network: 

dope magazine

DOPE Magazine

DOPE Magazine relaunched their website to be a premier source for marijuana news, events, media, and more.


merry jane


MERRY JANE offers exclusive content and relatable perspectives on cannabis culture, news, video, food, and style.


tnm news

The National Marijuana News

TNM News aims to be America’s source for unbiased news and talk about everything marijuana.




CannasList is a platform designed to help people discover local classifieds for cannabis-related deals, jobs, and more.




WeedHorn is a mainstream cannabis site sharing the most interesting stories from around the web.


stoned tube

Stoned Tube

Stoned Tube provides a website for people to watch cannabis-related videos from the comfort of their home.


medical marijuana help

Medical Marijuana Help

Medical Marijuana Help publishes articles related to cannabis research, state laws, and strains.


get high

Get High is on a mission to provide stoners (and medical patients) with a home on the internet.




Leafclipper is platform designed to help people find discounted products and services in the developing legal cannabis industry.


marijuana politics

Marijuana Politics

Marijuana Politics covers news, politics, sports, culture and entertainment with a focus on marijuana law.


georgia cannabis

Georgia Cannabis

Georgia Cannabis was formed to educate Georgians about cannabis since recent legislation made certain forms of medical marijuana legal in the state.


the spliff

The Spliff

The Spliff helps you find great local dispensaries, growers, organizations and other cannabis related companies near you.



MARY Magazine

MARY magazine aims to be “the mature voice of cannabis culture” that enlightens readers on the culture of cannabis.


 pot portal

Pot Portal

Pot Portal is a digital publication focused on sharing the business, politics, and culture of cannabis.


cannabis in canada

Cannabis in Canada

Cannabis in Canada advocates on behalf of cannabis growers in Canada by informing both the public and policy makers.




Cannaploy provides job postings for cannabis-related employment opportunities including dispensary administrators, physicians, cultivators, IT and more.


northeastern cannabis provides medical cannabis patients in the Northeast an opportunity to connect with others in the industry.


the chill bud

The Chill Bud

The Chill Bud is a freshly rolled online magazine that shares cannabis culture & marijuana musings.


green rush daily

Green Rush Daily

Green Rush Daily is a resource for all things marijuana, from cannabis cultivation and pot legalization to weed entertainment.

weed weekly

Weed Weekly

The go-to for all things marijuana, from rolling news and legalization to entertainment, videos and podcasts.


dont fear the edible

Don’t Fear The Edible

Two chefs develop both sweet and savory products using medical marijuana and cover their experience every step of the way.

grass logic

Grass Logic

Grass Logic is all about covering the newest and most interesting cannabis news, products, and growing guides.

stoners network

Stoner Network

The Stoner Network offers social marijuana entertainment, news, weed reviews, videos & everything in between.

my 420 match

My 420 Match

My 420 Match was created to help you find your 420 match, make friends, and search dispensaries.



Weed Lore

Weed Lore has developed an information hub for those that wish to use cannabis both medicinally and recreationally.


sprout news

Sprout News

A news source that is more than just a news source for an industry that’s more than just an industry.


new cannabis ventures

New Cannabis Ventures

Contributing original content and curating news on only the most promising cannabis companies and influential investors.


cannasseur magazine

Cannasseur Magazine features interesting content about cannabis and hemp alike.


stuff stoners like

Stuff Stoners Like

Stuff Stoners Like delivers the latest in stoner culture, marijuana news and reviews.


420 intel

420 Intel

420 Intel is a credible source for everything related to cannabis news, politics, technology, and more.



Stoned Girls is an online community featuring smoking hot girls who love the cannabis plant.


elite daily

Elite Daily

Elite Daily is a highly engaging, socially driven content platform that aims to be the voice of Generation Y.


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