Digital Marketing Made Simple

Does your website receive a lot of traffic?

As a publisher on the MANTIS® ad network, you can monetize your website, blog, or app instantly. Our proprietary software will automatically serve quality, relevant ads on your website that your visitors will find value in. The best part is, you’ll get paid for each click and impression your web pages generate!

MANTIS® works with hundreds of industry-leading digital publications including:

In-Depth Analytics

Property performance tracking is now a breeze with your new publisher dashboard and control panel. For those who are busy (and who isn't?), you can rest assured MANTIS® was designed to take the day-to-day hassles out of managing ad campaigns.

Display Ads With Confidence

With MANTIS® being invite-only, you know the advertisements displayed on your website will be on-topic and of high-quality. If that wasn't enough, we provide you with the tools to accept or deny any ad campaign on the network.

Highest Payouts In The Industry

Finding advertisers to monetize your website is time consuming and difficult! Let us take the burden out of finding advertisers while you get back to what you do best, building a great community. We pay out our publishers at the beginning of every month.

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