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Effective Display Advertising Solutions

MANTIS® works with some of the largest digital publishers in the space to provide advertisers with the most sought-out, premium ad inventory across all screens.

Advertise your product or service across 350+ websites including...

Standard Banners

Standard image display banners provide a great entry point for brand exposure and engagement within our publisher’s content. They can be animated and even include video. When tapped, any external service or site can be opened (tweet, call, share app, download, landing page).

Expandable Banners

Banners that grow in size when a user taps or overlays them. They support highly engaging and sophisticated creatives without having to leave the publisher’s content to view it. Expandable banners are an extremely popular ad format that offers support for advanced, highly effective ad features, multiple pages, and detailed tracking metrics.

Interstitial Banners

Highly effective in grabbing consumer attention and brand awareness, interstitials are full-screen ad panels that appear before, after, or in-between content pages, providing luxury ad real estate to incorporate engaging features, while capturing in-depth analytics, ranging from ad engagement to best in class video metrics.

Segment Your Campaigns By


Ensure your ads are only seen by a specific country, state/province, and/or metro area.


Promote your mobile application or service by targeting device type or operating system.

What Our Clients Have To Say

We are dedicated to increasing your bottom line through powerful ad technologies. Whether you want better performing ad campaigns, or higher revenues from your site traffic, our team can deliver you superior results. But don’t take our word for it...

Aristotle, Cloud V

"We have been working with MANTIS for over 1 year and not only has our traffic increased, but we have seen a measurable improvement in sales."

Seibo Shen, VapeXhale

"Other publications promised us things they did not end up fulfilling. I am happy to report that MANTIS did exactly what they said they would."

Zane Witzel, Cannador

"My campaign with MANTIS was wildly successful. My ROI was roughly 5:1. Nearly all of the customers came from MANTIS properties for the entire life of the campaign."

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